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Best tools & Equipment Needed to Start A Podcast

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Hosting with

I have to give a little shout out to  Anchor is where I recording my podcasts. I really never thought I’d do a podcast because it always seemed difficult and it really didn’t interest me. However, my friends and business associates kept saying I should try it to help entrepreneurs. And I kind of feel like helping out other entrepreneurs is my calling. 


So I researched how to make podcasts and found Anchor.


If you haven’t heard about Anchor by Spotify, it’s the easiest way to make a podcast – with everything you need all in one place. Let me explain:


• Anchor has tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. I decided to record from my computer so researched the best microphone and decided to purchase a PodMic by Rode (it came with headphones and a cable and broadcast arm for $129.95), and with the microphone you also need an audio interface to plug the microphone in so it will work with your computer so I bought the rode AI-1 audio interface for $129. So if you like the way this sounds and you’re interested in purchasing the mic and the audio interface, I’ll provide a link on this podcast page at for the items you need. But that was it, that’s all I needed was the mic, the audio interface and Anchor. And Anchor made this so easy! 


• When hosting on Anchor you can distribute your podcast on listening platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, and more and they make it super simple.


• It’s everything you need to make a podcast, in one place


• And best of all, Anchor is totally free!


So, If you want to make a podcast and you have knowledge to share and maybe you think it’s your calling as well, 


Download the Anchor app or go to to get started.

PodMic by Rode

Sound is definitely the #1 most important element when designing a podcast or YouTube Video.  I admire Rode microphones and the BusinessFashion Tips Podcast we use the PodMic by Rode with a filter over it to help block background noise.  I found the Rode Large Diaphragm WS2 Wind Screen for my filter for about $19.25. 

Click the below link, then search PodMic.  It’s roughly $99 for a new PodMic however, they also sell used PodMics.

A1 USB Audio Interface & Cable

Depending on the mic you use, you will need a cable to hook the microphone into the audio Interface. I used the On-State MC12-20XLR Mic Cable 20'. They run approximately $16-$20 You can find one here:

The audio interface I use works perfect with the Rode Microphone, it is the Rode A1 Audio Interface which retails for around $129 new. It's studio quality yet easy to understand. You can find new and used ones here:

If you just want the entire package, go do:

on-stage Professiona mc12-20XLR Mic Cable

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